Two Arab / Palestinian Khanjar Daggers - 14799

These two daggers represent well the variety of Palestinian khanjar other than the famous Shibria.
The bigger one, with strong Bedouin and / or Syrian influence, probably from the northern areas of Israel, Double edged sharply curved blade of flat diamond cross section, 7 inches long and two inches wide. Deadly sharp. I shaped horn grip with white metal mounts. Wood scabbard with engraved white metal mounts.
The smaller one with the nicely pierced blade is most probably coming from the southern parts of Israel, sometime referred to as coming from Gaza. 4 1/2 inches blade, pierced in a geometric pattern. Solid horn handle and white metal covered scabbard.
Total lengths 13 and 8 1/2 inches. Very good condition. Rear side belt loop is missing. Authentic and original items. early to mid 20 C