17 C. Rare and Unusual Chillanum Dagger Deccan, India - 14678

One of the rarest forms of daggers from the Indian arsenal, a member of a class of daggers known as Chillanum . Daggers in this class may take various shapes but all share the typical re-curving blade. This one is probably late 17 early 18 C. from central and south India and of unusual construction: The steel handle can be disassembled to several parts. Massive re-curving blade 19 inches long with a central rib, forged from very good wootz (Damascus, watered) steel. Total 15 inches. Very good condition. A rare and unusual dagger. For a very similar Chillanum see: Robert Elgood, Arms and Armor at the Jaipur Court item 21 P 46-47