Rare Turkish Buckler Battle Shield 17 C. - 6518

We offer for sale this is a very rare and good example of a 17 C. Ottoman/Turkish arm war shield (Buckler). The shield is based on a central wooden core, bound with a spiral of cane or thick rattan and covered with colored cotton threads. The central piece is covered with steel dome and the outer circumference is made of steel ring. The central dome and the outer ring are connected with 30 reinforcing steel ribs each mounted with two brass coin imitation disks. Total diameter is 10 inches, height 3 inches. made of braided leather strips. Good condition to age. Some rusted area with minor pitting. The inner fabric cover and the hand cushion are slightly worn and damaged in few places. Some threads are torn and the colors slightly faded. The handle is missing. This is a real war shield, late 17 or early 18 C. Very rare and uncommon.