Very Fine Syrian Wootz Damascus Shamshir Sword - 6445

A very fine Shamshir from Syria. The blade is Persian, 18th Century, forged from top quality wootz (Damascus, watered steel). It is chiseled with Arabic inscription and marked and signed with the maker sign decorated with gold koftgari. It is 31 inches long, curved and single edged, with a 9 inches false edge. It is most probably Persian made in the Ottoman Kilij style. The cross guard is steel also in gold koftgari decoration, in the shape found on classical Persian shamshirs. The ‘Syrian’ attribution comes mainly from the shape of the hilt and the fitting decoration. The grips are horn inlaid with brass and lead dots and decorated with brass nails. The cross guard is secured to the grips with a twisted copper wire. The pommel is brass and it is sharply down curving (very typical Arab style). Wood scabbard covered with the original black leather stitched with spirals of brass wire (the correct and difficult to do manner). All scabbard fittings and cross guard are decorated with silver Koftgary. Excellent condition. Minor darkened spots on the blade and some of the scabbard fittings koftgari is worn. A very fine piece, and a jewel for every collection of Islamic weapons.