Very Good Chinese Eating Set (Trousse) Knife Chopsticks - 14032

A Chinese ‘trousse’ (eating set), comprising a knife and chopsticks. This type of sets was very common in china and in all the countries under the Chinese influence from Tibet to Mongolia. It was part of a man formal dress up to the turn of the 20th century and usually accompanied with a variety of accessories like pickle spear, toothpicks, tweezers and the like. Similar sets are found in various sizes and quality. This one is a very good exemplar. The blade is heavy, nicely fullered, 5 inches long , very well forged and signed with a deep maker mark. Hardwood grip with steel bolster and brass pommel cap. Wood scabbard with chased brass mounts. Ivory chopsticks with good age patina. Total length 11 inches. Very good condition. Age cracks on the wood parts. Authentic and original early 20C. set.