Gusbi Jambiya Dagger from Hadramout, Yemen - 14025

One of the rarest forms of the Arab Jambiya is the Gusbi from Hadramauth, an arid coastal area in the south of Yemen along the Arabian see. Although the blade and handle are similar to those on common Arab Jambiya, the Gusbi is characterized by the considerably up-curving scabbard tip, with the chape (scabbard tip) sometimes higher than the pommel. Here is such a very good early mid 19C. example of a Gusbi. 8 inches curved blade with a pronounced central rib. I shaped grip cut from rhino horn and mounted with silver decorative mounts. The wood scabbard is covered with leather and mounted with silver locket and chape. Very good condition. Age cracks on the handle. Dents on the silver parts.