Fine Yataghan Sword from North Africa, Damascus Blade - 10399

This rare form of Yataghan, with the lobed pommel is usually identified as North African, probably Algeria. In addition, most of these Yataghans will come with rhino horn hilt grips, as is the case here. Fine down curving blade, 25 inches long, forged from pattern welded (Damascus) steel in the pattern knows as Turkish Ribbon. In addition to the gold inlaid inscriptions there is a later etching in French : H. PHILIPPE A. SON AMI, BARRE, CALLOIS on one side of the blade and afrique 1830 on the other. The grips are rhino horn and the grip strap and bolsters are silver. The scabbard is mounted with big locket and chape of finely chased silver. Very good condition. Chipped pommel tips.