Balkan / Turkish Jambiya - Yatagan Knife Combination - 0687

This is a very interesting combination of a small Yatagan knife and a Jambiya dagger. The blade is 10 inches long, curved and dual edged (A classical Jambiya blade) of flat diamond cross section and forged from pattern welded steel, in the pattern known as Twisted Star or Turkish Ribbon . This pattern is achieved by twisting two steel rods, cutting the twisted ingot longwise and fold it open. A very similar pattern can be found on many Ottoman blades as form the 18 and well into the 20 century. The silver hilt and silver scabbard are that of a classical small Yatagan, with the eared pommel, chased silver floral design and silver scabbard tip. See also a very similar item on this gallery, but with a classical straight blade: Small Silver Mounted Yatagan Knife

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